My name is Kathryn Brown and I live on a small 13 acre farm located in Adairsville, Georgia, a small town in North Georgia with my husband, daughter and multitude of animals.


We’ve only been here a few years, but we knew from the start that we wanted to raise goats. After a great deal of research we decided on Nigerian Dwarfs.


Included in our menagerie would be chickens, ducks, rabbits, and pigs. Once I started the soap making process we added Saanen goats to help keep up with the demand for goat milk. Our goats are registered and are raised outside in the sunshine on good pasture and are fed well. We also supplement their diet with extra minerals such as calcium, so they can pass all of that goodness into the milk.


(Gertrude, our two year old Buff Orphington)


After we had the farm and animals for a few months, we found they lured in predators like fox, opossum, raccoons and coyotes (lots and lots of coyotes). So on to more research on how to protect the animals. We decided on Karakachans, a breed that originated in Bulgaria as a mountain livestock guardian dog. We currently have three Karakachans and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are extremely loyal and fiercely protective. We have our main four year old Karakachan, Tessa, and two younger ones, Anna and Mishka.


(Tessa, our four year old Karakachan)


My husband takes care of the farm and animals while I tend to the soap making, fairs/festivals and all the boring business aspects. Blue Skies Farm GA is where we raise and sell goats and Karakachans and Blue Skies Farm Soapery is where we sell soap!


All of our soaps are made from scratch with RAW goat milk, milked from our very own goats. I incorporate goat milk into everything I make. I started with soaps and have now added scrubs and lotions. Every product comes with the ingredients listed on each package.


There are different methods for making soap, but I chose the cold-process method. I do not apply any extra heat to try to speed the process to push production faster. The soap is cured for a minimum of four weeks before it is bagged. This produces a great bar of soap.


My main reason for making goat milk products is because goat milk is a natural emollient which helps soothe and moisturize the skin and contains many vitamins. It makes a fantastic creamy moisturizing soap, and all of the fragrances used are Phthalate Free and skin safe.